Mrs.S.Girija,M.Sc ., B.Ed.

“Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those, Who don’t rest on the laurels of the past.”

We live today in a world that is so very different from the one we grew up in, the one we were educated in .The world today is changing at such an accelerated rate and we as educators need to pause and reflect on this entire system of education.

Aristotle once said that, “educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Even as we impart education to match the advancement in technology, we march our children ahead with the ethos of moral values and principles. We endeavor constantly to instill these qualities in our children. We pride ourselves to help them grow and develop into sensitive and responsible citizens of the next generation.

It is our aim to help all students achieve a level of excellence in their chosen field. Together we will have to move along, as we all sincerely believe to REACH HIGHER.

A committed and supportive management, dedicated teachers, caring and co-operative parents blend harmoniously to create a child-centric school. I am very sure through collaborative effort we can achieve more to benefit our students who are the future leaders of tomorrow.


1. The pupil should come in a neat and clean uniform and must be present 10 minutes before the bell.

2. The pupil should not absent himself/herself without submitting leave letter.

3. If the pupil is continuously absent for more than 5 working days without intimation, Medical certificate must be submitted.

4. No child is allowed to go home in-between class hours – to hospitals, weddings, temples and outstation trips etc. if it is necessary leave may be allowed either for the morning or afternoon session with the support of the leave letter.

5. English is the medium of communication for all students in the campus.

6. The students are expected to bring books according to the time table only. Diary must be brought daily to school.

7. Parents are requested to watch the progress of their children regularly and also to meet the Principal to convey any information about the pupil.

8. The information must be read and signed by the parent / guardian regularly and they can write their remarks in the diary for the information sent.

9. Gold ornaments are strictly prohibited.

10. Wrist watch should not be worn by any student.

11. Lunch bag should not be given late to cause inconvenience to the child.

12. Mobile phones are strictly forbidden in the school. If it is found with the student it will be forfeited and he or she will be suspended from school for one week.

13. Students must maintain silence and order at all times. Running and shouting within the campus are not allowed.

14. Pupils are forbidden to disfigure or damage the school property. severe action will be taken against them.

15. Any change of address should be communicated without delay.

16. Parents/guardians are not allowed to meet their children and teachers during school hours. In exceptional cases principal may be contacted.

17. Students suffering from infectious diseases like chicken pox and mumps should attend school after the period of quarantine, Medical certificate must be produced.

18. Continuous absence without prior information will result in removing the name from the rolls.

19. Parents are most cordially requested to extend their best co-operation to the school authorities and help us serve your children in the best way possible.

20. The school reserves the right to add, modify and cancel any of the standing rules and enforce new rules from time to time.


1. A Month’s notice in writing signed by the parent or guardian, is required for the removal of a pupil from the school.

2. Students leaving the school in the middle of a term for any reason must pay the school fee for the full term.


Parents who wish to meet the Principal / Class teacher can meet between 4.00p.m and 5.30p.m

school timing

  • First Bell :
  • 8.45 am
  • Second Bell
  • 8.50 am
  • Pre.kg – LKG
  • 9.00 am to 12.30 pm
  • UKG – XII
  • 9.00 am to 3.00 pm


  • BOYS (Std. LKG to V)
  • GIRLS (Std.LKG & UKG)
  • Blue Shorts
  • Dark & Light blue Checked Frock
  • Dark & Light blue Checked Shirt
  • School Belt
  • School Belt , Black Shoes & Socks
  • Black Shoes & Socks
  • BOYS (Std. VI to XII)
  • GIRLS (Std. I to V)
  • Blue Full Pant
  • Blue Pinafore
  • Dark & Light Blue Checked Shirt
  • Dark & Light Blue Checked Shirt
  • School Belt
  • School Belt
  • Black Shoes & Black Socks
  • Black Shoes & Black Socks
  • GIRLS(Std. VI to XII)
  • Chudidhar
  • Blue Bottom
  • Dark & Light Blue Checked top
  • Blue Overcoat
  • Black Shoes & Black Shocks
  • School Belt
  • Black Ribbon
  • School Badge
Jun-2019 July-2019 Aug-2019
Date Programes Date Programes Date Programes
1 The School reopens 1 Working Day 5 Working day
3 Working day 5 Skill fest - Interschool Competition 12 Working day - Club activity
10 Holiday 6 Skill fest - Interschool Competition 14 Krishna Jayanthi-Holiday
14 Election - SPL, ASPL,House Captains, Class Monitors 7 Skill fest - Interschool Competition 15 Independence Day
16 Last date for the collection of I term fee 8 Holiday 19 Holiday -Excursion - (Primary Classes)
17 Investiture ceremony 13 I - Mid Term test 25 Vinayagar Chathurthi
24 Working Day-club activity 15 Working day 26 Working day -Excursion (Higher classes)
26 Ramzan - Holiday 22 Working day-Distribution of Report Cards
29 Working day - Sports Day
September-2019 October-2019 November-2019
Date Programes Date Programes Date Programes
2 Bakrid Holiday 1 Moharam-Holiday 4 Working day
5 Teachers day 2 Gandhi Jayanthi - Holiday 11 Holiday
9 Holiday 4 The School Reopens 14 Childrens day-Working day
11 Last Date for the collection of II term fee 7 Working day - Distribution of Report cards 16 II Mid Term Test
16 Working day 14 Holiday 18 Working day
20 Quarterly Examination begins 18 Deepavali - Holiday 25 Working Day- Distribution of Report Cards
23 Working day 21 Working day
27 The school closes for Quarterly holidays 23 Medical Camp
29 Saraswathi Pooja 28 Working day
30 Vijaya Dasami
December-2019 January-2020 February-2020
Date Programes Date Programes Date Programes
2 Milad-un-Nabi-Holiday 1 New Year Day 3 Annual day
9 Holiday 2 The school reopens 10 Holiday
15 Half-Yearly Exam Begins 6 Working Day - Distribution of report cards 15 III Mid term test
16 Working day 10 Last date for the Collection of III term fee 17 Working day
23 The School Closes for Half-Yearly Holidays 14 Pongal 24 Working day - Distribution of report cards
25 Christmas 15 Uzhavar Thirunal
16 Thiruvalluvar Day
20 Working Day
26 Republic Day
27 Working Day
March-2020 April-2020 May-2020
Date Programes Date Programes Date Programes
3 Working Day 7 Working day
10 Holiday 14 Tamil New Year-Holiday
17 Working day 16 Annual Exam begins
18 Ugadi 21 Working day
24 Working day 24 The school closes for summer vacation
29 Mahavir Jayanthi-Holiday
30 Good Friday-Holiday
31 Working day